Vermont Governor Recognizes Importance Of GA
February 19, 2010
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  • Alliance For Aviation Across America Applauds Proclamation Made Thursday

    Vermont Governor Jim Douglas signed a proclamation declaring February as “General Aviation Appreciation Month” Thursday during the Vermont Aerospace & Aviation Association (VAAA) Open House. The proclamation highlights the significance the industry has on Vermont’s statewide economy. The VAAA is a division of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce which manages this association in partnership with Lt. Governor and VAAA Chair Brian Dubie, who also serves as National Chair of the Aerospace States Association. The event was attended by general aviation (GA) leaders from around the country including Alliance for Aviation Across America (AAAA) Executive Director Selena Shilad.

    “As Vermont seeks to rebound from the recession, we have to work to maintain and strengthen industries that positively impact our small towns and businesses,” said Governor Douglas. “By declaring February “Aviation and Aerospace Appreciation Month”, we’re sending a clear signal that we support this industry that is central to our state’s economic success.”

    Lt. Governor Brian Dubie, who founded VAAA in 2006, added, “Our national security, our economic vitality, and our national mobility rely on a strong aerospace and aviation sector. Similarly, Vermont’s aviation sector plays a vital role in our state’s economic well-being and public safety.”

    AAAA Executive Director Selena Shilad said, “We are so pleased to have the support of Governor Douglas and Lt. Gov Dubie as we continue to highlight the economic significance of general aviation on local economies around the country. General Aviation provides a lifeline to small communities, farms, and business by providing them with needed access to emergency medical services, economic development and mobility.”

    Vermont depends heavily on general aviation. GA alone contributes $274 million, or $430 per capita, to Vermont’s economy annually. Vermont has 16 public-use airports, 1,350 pilots and 877 general aviation aircraft. Aviation, including commercial service, accounts for 9,000 jobs and $225 million in wages to Vermont’s economy.

    Source: AERO NEWS
    Date: 2010-02-19