January Bizav Activity Up
February 19, 2010
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  • By James E. Swickard

    Year-over-year business turbine aircraft activity was up 5.3 percent overall, with the Part 91 operational market segment having the strongest increase at 8.6 percent, according to Aviation Research Group/US’s January 2010 TRAQPak activity level report released yesterday. This word came as GAMA Chairman Rob Wilson, in his state of the industry address in Washington, reported that flight activity overall for 2009 was down 20-30 percent from 2008.

    ARGUS TRAQPak data are serial-number specific aircraft arrival and departure information on all IFR flights in the 50 states. The company counts all movements of aircraft on Part 135 charter certificates as charter flights irrespective of the mission type (positioning, training and such).

    The company said the Part 91 operational market segment had the strongest year over year increase at 8.6 percent. Looking at aircraft category results, the turboprop market segment showed the biggest increase at 8.0 percent. Large cabin jets also had a significant increase of 6.5 percent.

    However, the company said January’s activity was down 2.8 percent from December 2009. In individual market segments, FAR Part 135 large cabin activity increased 3.6 percent, Part 91 large cabin jet movements were up 1.7 percent, with the combined large cabin aircraft category having the best overall showing at 1.3 percent above December 2009.

    Date: 2010-02-17