Effect of the Economic Downturn
August 17, 2009
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  • The Economic Downturn Has Devastated General Aviation and the Communities and Local Economies that Depend on Them

    For over a year, the general aviation community has been hit particularly hard by the economic downturn and string of negative press coverage. General aviation manufacturing has seen a serious drop in production, orders are down, and companies have been forced to lay off thousands of workers, and in some cases shut their doors entirely. This had had a ripple effect throughout small towns and economies throughout the country.

    Overall General Aviation Manufacturing Has Dropped Dramatically

    In all major general aviation manufacturers, production has significantly decreased as a result of the economic recession. Some general aviation-based businesses have even had to close their doors permanently, putting thousands of employees out of work.

    The Economic Downturn has Resulted in Massive Lay-Offs for General Aviation Manufacturers Across the Country Ð Already Over 13,000 Jobs Have Been Lost

    In an effort to remain in business, many general aviation manufacturing companies have been forced to lay-off thousands of workers. As a result, cities likeWichita,KS andSavannah,GA have seen their workforce affected most dramatically.

    Economic Recession Being Felt At Airports Across the Country; Turbine Operations are Down

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