Passenger complaints about flights up 75.6% since 2007
March 5, 2008
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  • It appears that the Airlines’ are taking their passengers on more than just a ride as passengers complaints in the first month of this year rose to over 74% compared to this time last year. The study, conducted monthy by the bureau of transportation statistics finds that “overall complaints about flights, customer service and other problems rose 75.6 percent, the government said Tuesday.”

    The report also stated that at 27.6 percent of the flights in January of 2008 were at least 15 minutes late upon arrival, up 1 percent from January of last year’s 26.6 percent.

    And while the Airlines’ continue to blame weather related issues for thier delays, Tulsa World quotes Scott Shankland, an American pilot and spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, saying that despite what the carriers’ are saying, “the delays are increasingly caused by the unreliability of aircraft because of mechanical problems.” And he goes on to say that “mechanical cancellations are running at historically high levels.”

    And as we head into the busy summer travel season, delays will clearly continue to affect travelers across the nation.