AAAA Statement on FAA Extension
February 22, 2008
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  • Below is the Alliance for Aviation Across America’s statement regarding the extension for FAA Reauthorization.

    Press Release
    For Immediate Release
    February 22, 2008

    Alliance for Aviation Across America Renews Call for Comprehensive FAA Reauthorization Bill

    Washington D.C. – In light of Congress’ recent decision to extend FAA funding to June 30th, the Alliance for Aviation Across America (AAAA) today issued the following statement:

    “While we are pleased that Congress has ensured that funding for crucial FAA priorities is not jeopardized by passing a short-term extension, we once again urge Congress to pass a comprehensive proposal for FAA reauthorization. This will guarantee funding for important projects at small airports around the country, and also that we can get down to the important issue of modernizing of our air traffic control system once and for all. We continue to support a bill for reauthorization that will provide this necessary funding for FAA reauthorization while protecting small businesses and rural communities across the country that depend on general aviation.”