Flight Delays Worst Since 2000
February 5, 2008
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  • 2007 saw the worst flight delays over the course of the year since the year 2000. December’s on-time performance of 64.3% brought the yearly on-time average to 73.4%. Citing holiday traffic and poor weather, the airlines brought their performance to the lowest since they endured a 72.6% on-time average in 2000.

    Reports of mishandled baggage and customer complaints each rose from 2006, with customer complaints surging by 40%.

    Bloomberg stated that “the number of flights that were late at least 70% of the time more than doubled to 921.”

    It is clear that the airlines have shown no committment to making the situation any better for air travelers and with no signs of stopping from the airline companies, delays will only increase. It is time for the airlines to take responsibility for their roles in aerospace congestion and for them to take active steps to remedy it.

    Read the Bloomberg article on 2007 delays HERE.