Study Shows Multiple Carriers are Prone to Flight Delays
January 23, 2008
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  • It seems like these days you cannot escape a flight delay while flying. But that may not exactly be a coincidence. In this article, the Wall Street Journal reports that flight delays are not caused by a case by case scenario, in fact, government data finds that multiple carriers contribute in one way or another to persistent flight delays nationwide.

    Major airline carriers have continuously over-scheduled flights traveling into and out of our nation’s busiest airports, which inhibits flights from departing on time. In 2007 alone, “the number of flights with taxi-out times of more than three hours totaled 1,598 for the first 11 months, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.”

    The Wall Street Journal says that, “what we do know is that of those taxi-out problems for planes waiting to take off, they often are bunched up at a few big hub airports.” This causes disomfort to passengers and leaves them stranded on planes, sometimes for hours at a time, before taking off.

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