What Will The Airlines Think of Next?
October 3, 2007
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  • The Aero-News Network is reporting that that the airlines are trying to blame lost luggage on air traffic control system.

    “Somewhat curiously — given the airlines themselves made this decision — carriers also blame luggage woes on the abundance of regional aircraft, which can’t carry as many bags as their larger mainline brethren.

    “The Air Transport Association — lobbying group for the nation’s airlines — was quick to make an arguably tenuous connection between lost baggage, and the nation’s aging ATC system.

    “‘The primary reason behind mishandled bags is delayed and misconnected flights,’ said ATA spokesman Dave Castelveter. ‘And we’re seeing record delays this summer… No airline tries to [lose bags]… The carriers are trying the best they can given the existing situation.'”

    What will the airlines try next, blaming the peanuts for tasting funny on the airport’s ground crew?